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Dyson Groom
Dyson Groom
Dyson Groom416.849.5821
200 Adelaide Street West, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M5H 1W7
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The problem with dog hair Some dogs shed twice a year as the seasons change. Others can shed hair all year round to deal with living in warm homes and not needing their thick winter coats. Hair ends up on carpets, clothes, upholstery and other surfaces around the home. There are many tools designed to reduce the spread of dog hair, but their effectiveness varies.

Ordinary dog groomers all have the same problem: mess.

Groom. Suck. Gone. The Dyson groom tool removes loose hair directly from your dog before it's shed around the home. It then self cleans, sucking hair from the bristles straight into your vacuum.

No mess.

The science of dog hair Cleaning up dog hair is an ongoing job. Dogs shed a lot in spring because their coats are exposed to more daylight. It triggers a reaction in the hair which makes it fall out. In autumn, less daylight has the same effect – this time making way for the thick winter coat.

A dog's coat contains a mixture of hair types: longer protective guard hairs and an insulating undercoat. It grows in cycles all year round. There are three different stages: Anagen (growing); Catagen (stopped growing); Telogen (dying and shedding). So dogs can continually be losing dead hair throughout the year.