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Philips - LED Bulbs
Philips - LED Bulbs
Philips - LED Bulbs905.201.4100
281 Hillmount Road
Markham, ON L6C 2S3
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Philips LED bulbs. See What Light Can Do

Human life revolves around light. Light affects our mood, improves our well-being, and enables us to experience and achieve more. It is a vital part of making our lives fuller, more productive and safer. Philips Lighting focuses on innovative ways of using light to simply enhance people's lives. Philips LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, energy efficient alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forward, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

The sustainability of Philips LED lighting offers a unique peace of mind. You will save on energy costs immediately and reduce the frequency of lamp replacements... all with excellent light output

Why choose LED light bulbs?

Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can help reduce your electric bill and the frequency of bulb replacements, preserve our environment and create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Ready for the spotlight

In the last 10 years, LED technology has progressed to become brighter than ever before. The brightness will continue to improve further in the future, enabling LED technology to be integrated into more applications.

A powerful promise

To suit your needs now, Philips offers a wide section of LED lighting, unrivalled in quality and style. But we're not stopping there.

The future for LED technology is bright, so we're leading the way to make its exciting potential a reality for you.

Features and Benefits of LED lighting

  • Energy savings – save up to 80% (as compared to industry standard equivalents)
  • Superior long life – lasts up to 22.8 years
  • Utilizes advanced, solid state lighting technology
  • Beautiful soft, white light
  • Instant-on with quiet operation
  • Will not fade fabrics or colours
  • Mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • Dimmable options available
  • Contemporary designs fit into standard fixtures

Philips Lighting. See what light can do.

Philips Lighting (A division of Philips Electronics Ltd.)