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Moducare - Purity Life Health Products
Moducare - Purity Life Health Products
Moducare - Purity Life Health Products-
6 Commerce Crescent
Acton, BC L7J 2X3
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We all do our best to make healthful choices in our daily lives. We try to eat right, exercise, and deal with stress in a productive way. We understand that good health is a commitment made over the long term. But it’s only when we experience that first sneeze or cough that we reach for a supplement to give our immune systems a boost.

But what does ‘boost’ really mean? Are our immune systems being lazy?

In fact, our immune systems are fighting off potentially harmful pathogens every minute of every day - something that we take for granted! While it’s easy to think of catching a cold as a failure of the immune system, a weak immune system can also overreact to things in our environment that aren’t really harmful at all, like dust, dander, and other factors in our environment that cause allergies. On the other hand, sometimes a weak immune system will overreact to other cells in our own bodies, causing autoimmune disorders. Clearly, a healthy immune system is extremely important to our overall well-being! So when we think of our mental and physical health as a long term journey, doesn’t it make sense to treat immune health the same way? That’s where Moducare® can help.

Moducare® isn’t an immune booster. It’s a daily supplement containing a clinically-proven blend of natural plant sterols that help to balance your immune system and give it the nutrients needed to respond appropriately to both harmful and benign factors in the environment. A balanced immune system is a healthy immune system, and a healthy immune system means a healthy you.

Moducare® is available in capsules, chewable tablets, and new timed-release waxtabs. For more information, visit Take Moducare® of yourself – give your life some balance. Moducare® is available for purchase in all major Health Food stores.