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Category: Architects


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RADEFF Architect Ltd.

RADEFF Architect Ltd.
RADEFF Architect Ltd.416.481.4087
244 Glenforest Road
Toronto, ON M4N 2A4
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We specialize in residential design. We design new houses, and we change existing ones to better serve your needs. Our principle objective is to develop spaces and forms that are well used and beautiful.

We believe the best way to serve you is to recognize that you are an individual with unique requirements. Therefore we create one-of-a-kind homes to suit you and your specific site. Assisiting us is a highly qualified team of engineers, landscape architects and builders. The resulting service you receive is personal, as well as professional.

We offer the following services:

  • sustainable design
  • new construction
  • additions
  • renovations
  • municipal approvals

Let us work with you to achieve your dreams. We will help you make decisions you can afford.

For further information call Mr. Constantine Radeff, Architect at 416.457.0816.


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Category: Architects
RADEFF Architect Ltd.